everything i own is broken or bent on Thu 12/10/09

we came late. we arent taking calls tonight.4849950182, we are talking to you

Artist Title Album
hue blanc's joyless ones ballad of soloth sar arriere garde
Jawbox ff=66 For Your Own Special Sweetheart (Reissue)
Jawbox savory For Your Own Special Sweetheart (Reissue)
Mission Of Burma one day we will live there The Sound The Speed The Light
Thomas Function pickin' scabs In The Valley Of Sickness
Cococoma alright, alright, alright Things Are Not All Right
Devil Eyes noctilucent ghost Devil Eyes
Cloak/Dagger in my orbit Lost Art
Red Mass success for crime S/t
The Bomb speed is everything Speed Is Everything
Times New Viking move to california Born Again Revisited
Kurt Vile hes alright Childish Prodigy
rudimentary peni i'm a dream pope adrians 37th psysychristiatric
rudimentary peni were gonna destroy life the world gets higher and higher pope adrians 37th psychristiatric

everything i own is broken or bent

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"everything i own is broken or bent", broadcasting whenever we feelz like it. we aim primarily for contemporary anthems for disagreeable persons. we operate without a plan and we do it under the guise of "free format radio". please tune in.