Music that Kills Puppies on Mon 12/21/09

2009 in Review! All the best of 2009 in metal.

Doom/Stoner/Drone/Heavy Metal album of the year: Dark Castle's "Spirited Migration"
Speed/Thrash Metal album of the year: Vektor's "Black Future"
Avant-garde/Prog Metal album of the year: Diablo Swing Orchestra's "Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious"
Slude/Post-Metal album of the year: Kylesa's "Static Tensions"
Black Metal album of the year: Cobalt's "Gin"
Death Metal album of the year: Tribulation's "The Horror"
Grind/Crust/-core album of the year: Magrudergrind's "Magrudergrind"
Album of the Year: Kylesa's "Static Tensions"

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Artist Title Album Label
Dark Castle Awake in Sleep Spirited Migration
Sunn O))) Big Church Monoliths & Dimensions Southern Lord
Zoroaster White Dwarf Voice of Saturn
Saviours Slave to the hex Accelerated Living Kemado
Heaven & Hell Bible Black The Devil You Know
War Pigs Breathing Fire Degeneration
Black Pyramid No Life King Black Pyramid
Dark Castle Flight Beyond Spirited Migration
National Suicide Please Welcome... My Friends! The Old Family is Still Alive
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder Brainwasher C. 1655 Living for Death, Destroying the Rest Relapse
Pyrotoxic Nuclear War (Has No Rules) Cursed Midnight
Skeletonwitch Repulsive Salvation Breathing the Fire Prostheic
Children Power Spirit Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World Kemado
Vektor Black Future Black Future
Vektor Destroying the Cosmos Black Future
Amorphis Silver Bride Skyforger
Diablo Swing Orchestra A Rancid Romance Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious
Baroness Jake Leg Blue Record Relapse
Mastodon Divinations Crack the Skye
Stinking Lizaveta Autocthony! Autocthony! Sacrifice & Bliss
Diablo Swing Orchestra A Tap Dancer's Dilemma Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious
Pelican Ephemeral What We All Come to Need Southern Lord
Isis 20 Minutes/40 Years Wavering Radiant
Minsk Three moons With Echoes in the Movement of Stone Relapse
Kylesa Said and Done Static Tensions
Howl Kings that Steal Howl Relapse
Black Cobra Zero Point Field Chronomega Southern Lord
Kylesa Running Red Static Tensions
Iskra Krondstat Bureval
Infernal Stronghold Crippling Blasphemous Persistence Godless Noise
Cobalt Arsonry Gin
Vreid Speak Goddamit Milorg Indie Recordings
Absu 13 Globes Absu
Krallice Untitled Dimensional Bleedthrough
Blut aus Nord Antithesis of the Flesh (...and then Arises a New Essence) Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars
Panopticon Aptrgangr Collapse
Amesoers Recueillement Amesoeurs
Drudkh Ars Poetica Microcosmos
Wolves in the Throne Room Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog Black Cascade Southern Lord
Cobalt A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Gin
BSOM The Watchtower Annihilation/Devestation split HPGD
Maim Ascending From the Grave From the Womb to the Tomb
Tribulation Beyond the Horror The Horror
Unanimated The Endless Beyond In the Light of Darkness
Horrific Metal Cemetery Your Worst Nightmare
Cannabis Corpse Vaporizor The Weeding EP Tank Crimes
Tribulation The Vampyre The Horror
Mumakil Without Grief Behold the Failure Relapse
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Moral Distortion Agorapocalypse
Magrudergrind Cranial Media parasite Magrudergrind
Oiltanker Plague Crusade
Brutal Truth On the Hunt Evolution through Revolution Relapse
Coalesce The Comedian In Question Ox Relapse
Converge Worms Will Feed Axe To Fall
Magrudergrind Bridge Burner Magrudergrind
Kylesa Scapegoat Static Tensions
Kylesa Insomnia for Months Static Tensions

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