Usual Revolution and Then Some on Tue 1/5/10

Artist Title Album Label
Avengers in Sci-fi NayutaNIZED Avengers in Sci-fi Getting Better/K-plan
Flaming LIps The Sparrow Looks up at the Machine Embryonic Warner Bros.
Miles Fisher This must be the Place Miles Fisher EP TuneCore
Lissy Truille Boy Boy Self Taught Learner Downtown
Arcade Fire Antichrist Television Blues Neon Bible MErge
The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart Higher Than the Stars Higher Than The Stars EP Slumberland
Spoon Written in Reverse Written in Reverse Merge
Asian Kung Fu Generation Shinseiki no Lovesong Shinseiki no Lovesong Ki/oon
The American Revolution Blow my Mind Buddha Electrostorm Garden Gate
Farewell Milwaukee Tears wont fall Autumn Rest Easy Farewell Milwaukee
Discovery Swing Tree LP
Bob Dylan The Times They are a-chaning Best of... Asylum
Andrew Bird Plasticities Daytrotter Session Fat Possum
The Changing Times Gema and the Jones Common Lives
While You Wait For the Others Grizzly Bear Veckatimist Ward
Arctic Monkeys Sketchead Cornerstone EP Domino
Broken Social Scene Lover's Spit You Forgot it in People Arts and Crafts
Phonebooth Got a Chance The way to live on Tripper
Beirut Forks and Knives The Flying Club Ba Da Bing
Interpol Slowhands Antics Matador
Vampire Weekend Wallcott Vampire Weekend XL
Sunset Rubdown The Mending of the Gown Random Spirit Lover Sub Pop
Ogre you Asshole Pinhole Nano-Mugen Compilation Nano-mugen
DeerHunter Never Stops Microcastle Kranky
Sugizo The Cage Universal

Elephant, Some Bread, You and Me

La Rabia
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