Dance Like You're Four Years Old, Even If You're Only Three and a Half on Mon 1/4/10

Artist Title Album
Elizabeth Mitchell Hy Bo Diddley
Jon Gailmor Just Kidding
Fatcat Fishface Lazy
Ralph Covert Miss Molly Crackjack
The Jimmies Soaper the Scaredy-Bot
Johnette Downing I went to the Aquarium
TooDee (Yo Gabba Gabba) High Five
Lima Research Society When you lose a friend
They Might Be Giants Put it to the Test
Marais & Miranda Bobo the Bear
Terrible Twos Elliott Oooh
Anne Kirkpatrick Kennebunk
Herman Dune I'd Rather Walk than Run
Karen O and the Kids Capsize
Kitty Daisy & Lewis (Baby) Hold Me Tight
Chiwoniso Usa Cheme
Don Spencer Don't ever step on a snake
Joel Frankel Bubble Gum Baby
Doc Watson Grandfather's Clock

The Ocean Won't Stop

This program is not on the schedule.
Sunday 7-8pm
Monday 12-1pm
Bugs, Flower, Shells and Other pretty little things.