Usual Revolution and Then Some on Tue 1/12/10

Artist Title Album Label
Rock A'trench Every Sunday Afternoon ACTION! Warner Bros.
Cubist freehand Shapes of sound and time Rhombus Publishing
Sunset Rubdown Idiot Heart Dragon Slayer Sub Pop
Cubist Convex Shapes of sound and time Rhombus Publishing
Asobi Seksu walk on the moon rewolf Polyvinyl
10-feet Mr. Bullshit Life is sweet BadAss
Amplified Mr. Raindrop Raindrop Sony
Lissy Truille Boy Boy Self taught learner Downtown
The Hiatus on a deep blue evening Trash We'd Love For Life Music
Lissy Trullie Money Self Taught Learner Downtown
Asian Kung Fu Generation Imada Mina Asu Ni Imada Mina Asu Ni Ki/oon
Architecture in Helsinki Lazy (Lazy) Places Like This Polyvinyl
Phoenix Rome Wolfgang Amadeous Phoenix V2
Asian Kung Fu Generation Flashback Kimi Tsunagi Five M Ki/oon
Passion Pit Sleepyhead manners French Kiss
Luna Sea Rosier Period Extacy
Ellegarden Ash Eleven Fire Crackers Growing Up inc/ Dynamord
The AppleSeed Cast Mile Marker Low Level Owl: Volume 1 Deep Elm
Base Ball Bear Changes (album version) (What is the) Love and Pop Toshiba Emi
Big Bang Majimak Insa Hot Issue YG Entertainment
Vampire Weekend Wallcott Vampire Weekend XL
Avengers in Sci-Fi Dance to the Future Avenger Strikes Back Victor Entertainment
Yell Hearts Grow Kasanaru Kage Epic
Spitz 8823 Hayabusa JMS Music Japan

Elephant, Some Bread, You and Me

La Rabia
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