Pretentious Film Majors on Thu 1/14/10

On this week's show...

The guys discuss the scrapped Spider-Man 4 and the plans for a franchise reboot. We also talk about the recent Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien debacle.

Intern Ashley discusses the DVDs Out This Week including 8 1/2 on Bluray, The Matrix 10th anniversary edition, and new releases The Hurt Locker (which made Zach's Top 10 of '09 list), Moon (which was Zach's 2nd favorite film of last year), and Halloween II (which none of us like).

Corey and Ashley discuss horror today and Intern Jason gives us a Lesson in the Classics, featuring The Birds.

Artist Title Album New
Tegan And Sara Arrow Sainthood
Tegan And Sara Don't Rush Sainthood
Tegan And Sara Hell Sainthood
Tegan And Sara On Directing Sainthood
Tegan And Sara Red Belt Sainthood
Tegan And Sara The Cure Sainthood
Tegan And Sara Northside Sainthood
Tegan And Sara Night Watch Sainthood
Tegan And Sara Alligator Sainthood
Blakroc Hope You're Happy (Feat. Q-Tip, Billy Danze & Nicole Wray) Blakroc
Arctic Monkeys Sketchhead Cornerstone - EP
Spoon Written in Reverse (Radio Edit)
Editors In This Light And On This Evening In This Light And On This Evening

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