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Artist Title Album
Tommy Jay Band Bug Men
Link Wray Ace of Spades
Predator Punk Man
Hawkwind You'd Better Believe It
Scruff Get Out of my Way
Filth Don't Hide Your Hate
Rebels All Hate
The Group Bovver Boys
Grong Grong Club Grotesque
Blood Chains Tired Guy of the Road
Devil's Dykes Plastic Flowers
Protex I Can Only Dream
Invaders House That Jack Built
Coloured Balls Just Because
The Jook Crazy Kids
Tokyo Kid Brothers Chichioya Nanka Daikirai da no Rokku
Chefs Food
Slade Give Us A Goal
Kids Do You Love the Nazis
Ijax All Stars Reggaed Rumble
Urinals Sex
Dodgems Lord Lucan Is Missing
Queers I Don't Wanna Work
Black Diamonds I Want, Need, Love You
Big Black Columbian Necktie
Swell Maps Let's Build A Car
Frankie and the Flames Adam and Eve
FNU Ronnies Watchful Eye
Debris' Trisha
Red Squares The Russians Are Coming
AD1984 The Russians Are Coming
Emma Sharpe & the Features Motorway
Drones Lookalikes
Bloodrock Crazy 'Bout You Babe
Misfits Come Back
Idrene Red Gold and Green
Squad 8 Pounds A Week
Dust Chasin' Ladies


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