everything i own is broken or bent on Thu 1/21/10

Hi! I'm Steve!

- Yoni

Artist Title Album New
Roky Erickson I Love the Blind Man + Something Extra Never Say Goodbye
Vic Chesnutt Worst Friend Skitter On Take-Off
My Dad is Dead I Had a Dream For Richer, For Poorer
David Thomas and Two Pale Boys Obsession Erewhon
Little Claw Crawl Around Inside
Baylies Band Disturbance by Radio Pt 1 Fort Thunder Flashback
The Ex No Fear Too Many Cowboys
The Pop Group The Boys From Brazil Y
Brian Brain Working in a Farmyard in a White Suit Culture
Gang of Four At Home He's a Tourist Entertainment!
Brian Brain At Home He's a Tourist Culture
Stinking Lizaveta Refinery ...Hopelessness and Shame
The Dicks Rich Daddy Kill From the Heart
Murder City Devils Pressgang In Name and Blood
Eulogy Sons and Daughters of the 33rd Resurrect Dead
Dangerbird Frank S/T
The Swans Money Is Flesh Real Love
Cop Shoot Cup We Shall Be Changed Suck City
Firewater When I Burn this Place Down Get Off The Cross... We Need The Wood For The Fire
Cyclown Circus Lotus Blossom Sing You Sinners

everything i own is broken or bent

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"everything i own is broken or bent", broadcasting whenever we feelz like it. we aim primarily for contemporary anthems for disagreeable persons. we operate without a plan and we do it under the guise of "free format radio". please tune in.