Music that Kills Puppies on Mon 2/8/10

Artist Title Album Label New
Dimension Zero Through the Virgin Sky Penetration from the Lost World
Gates of Ishtar The Silence A Bloodred Sky
Eucharist Mirrorworlds Mirrorworlds
In Flames Behind Space '99 Colony
Arsis The Promise of Never A Diamond for Disease
Darkest Hour The Patriot Virus Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation
At the Gates The Swarm Terminal Spirit Disease
Vreid Discipline Milorg Indie Recordings
Dissection Where Dead Angels Lie A Storm of Lights Bane
Woe Condemned as Prey A Spell for the Death of Man
Cobalt Pregnant Insect Gin
Absu To the Gallows Speed 'n Spikes Volume II
Ihsahn A Grave Inversed After Candlelight
Shining The Madness and the Damage Done Blackjazz Indie Recordings
The Atlas Moth Grey Wolves A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky
Peste Noire A la mortaille! Ballade cuntre lo Anemi Francor
Darkthrone Striving for a Piece of Lucifer Hate Them
Sarke Frost Junkie Vorunah Indie Recordings
Nattefrost Singoddamit Engangsgrill Indie Recordings
Infernal Stronghold Godless Noise Godless Noise
Iskra Okeanos Bureval
Midnight Unholy and Rotten The Complete and Total Fucking Midnight
Nekromantheon The Coffin Awaits Speed 'n Spikes Volume III
Terror Squad Straight to Hell The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin
Ramming Speed Political Party Brainwreck
Municipal Waste Mind Eraser Hazardous Mutation
Gama Bomb Global Warming Citizen Brain
Destruction Curse the Gods Eternal Devestation
Slayer Aggressive Perfector Haunting the Chapel
Skeletonwitch Forever in the Abyss Worship the Witch
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder Brainwasher C. 1655 Speed 'n Spikes Volume II
The Crown Crowned in Terror Crowned in Terror
Tribuilation The Vampyre The Horror
Bolt Thrower Anti-Tank (Dead Armour) Those Once Loyal
Ghoul We Came for the Dead We Came for the Dead!!!
Cadaver Mr. Tumor's Misery Pains
Atheist No Truth Piece Of Time
Pig Destoyer Girl in the Slayer Jacket Phantom Limb
Magrudergrind Bridge Burner Magrudergrind
Magrudergrind Cranial Media Parasite Magrudergrind

Music that Kills Puppies

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I command you to listen to Music that Kills Puppies. And, no, I don't mean the music Michael Vick listens to. Scare away your friends and family with music that your grandma thinks sounds like hedge-clippers. Not bound by stigma, creed, or ethos; a potent mix of the most hellish music this world has to offer.

Big Balls, Bigger Riffs.