Usual Revolution and Then Some on Tue 2/9/10

Artist Title Album Label New
Clazziquai Skyscraper Love Mode Fluxus
Yesayer I remember Odd Blood Secretly Canadian
Yesayer Grizelda Odd Blood Secretly Canadian
Italian Japanese The Lush Romantic Weirdness THe lush Romantic Weirdness Vampire Media Group
Bears of Blue River Me, Me, Me Killer bee scare tinderbox
Italian Japanese LadyBird The lush romantic weirdness vampire media group
Bears of Blue RIver Crayola Killer Bee scare Vampire media group
GRizzly bear Boy from School (hot chip cover) B-sides Warp
Beirut Scenic World The Gulag Orkestar Ba Da Bing
Akino Arai Little Dream VHmusic Viridian House
Talking Heads THis must be the Place Speaking in Tongues EMI
No.9 Uran no Amenoji Good Morning Liquid Note
Band of Horses No ones gonna love you cease to begin Sub Pop
Rogue Wave Good Morning Good Morning brushfire
Italian Japanese Polaroid You THe lush romantic Weirdness Vampire Media Group
Bears of Blue River Betty Homemaker killer bee scare tinderbox
Arctic Monkeys Sketchead Cornerstone Domino
Yesayer Ambling alp Odd Blood secretly canadian
Yesayer madder red oddblood secretly canadian
Discovery Slang Tang LP XL
Michita クモリナキアメ feat.MEISO Threee Libyas Music
Sunset Rubdown Mending of the Gown Random Spirit Lover Sub Pop
Fantastic Plastic Machine Don't you know imaginations AVEX
Epik High I remember (70's soul remix) High Society Map the soul
Vampire Weekend California English Contra XL

Elephant, Some Bread, You and Me

La Rabia
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