Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 8:30pm

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Welcome to Episode 8 of the 20th Anniversary Video Premieres. Tonight we are featuring Mike Khoury from Detroit USA performing “For Silwan” (approx 27 minutes) and Amal Waqar from Muscat, Oman (approx 30 minutes). Amal is performing:

1. Sa’alouni al Nas – Rahbani Brothers

2. Ya Hilwa Ya Jara – Salim Rashid al-Suri. Arr by Amal Waqar

3. Ya Tayr Belligh Salamati – Muftah Khamis, arr by Amal Waqar

4. Untitled (2019) in Sawt Arabi rhythm – Amal Waqar

5. Min Yasellim (2021) – Amal Waqar


Mike Khoury is a violinist, composer, researcher and curator based in Detroit, MI. Khoury’s work as a performer includes the incorporation of quantitative methods in the social sciences as a way of informing his improvisation and composition. His performance work is diverse and includes the group Porcelain Hammer, The Redford Civic Symphony Orchestra, duets with percussionist Ben Hall, and duets with dancer/choreographer Leyya Tawil. Khoury and Tawil have presented their work in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Berlin and Beirut.

As a researcher, Khoury has published on radical economics theory as well as a chapter on the composer Halim El-Dabh in an anthology of the Arab Avant Garde (Wesleyan University Press). He continues his research and experiments in sound and composition from his studio in Redford, MI. Khoury’s curatorial work includes that of presenting live music at Entropy Studios since 1999 in both Hamtramck and Redford locations as well as producing recorded music on the Entropy Stereo recording label. Khoury was the recipient of a Knight Foundation Challenge Grant in 2018 and is currently a 2020 Kresge Fellow.


Amal Waqar is an independent Omani oud player and composer.

Born along the coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Muscat, Oman, Amal was captivated by sound from a young age and clandestinely listened to music throughout her childhood. She began playing oud at fifteen after first being introduced to the instrument in the shop of a local tradesman. A deeply historic and gendered instrument in the Middle Eastern canon, the oud has seldom been an accessible instrument to women. As part of her personal journey, Amal intends to contribute to a growing dialogue working to break down stereotypes of the instrument.

She attended Berklee College of Music to immerse herself in sound, studying closely with oud master Simon Shaheen. An extension of Amal’s unique musical perspective lies in her compositions, which often tease listeners with creative and unconventional interpretations of traditional rhythms and melodies. She continues to expand on the instrument’s current and potential abilities. Her performances include Katara’s Festival for Oud Instrument, Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival, and with the National Arab Orchestra. Katara’s Festival for Oud Instrument, Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival, and the National Arab Orchestra.

Enjoy the show!

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