Late Night in the Daylight covered by jake on Tue 3/30/10

Artist Title Album New
Big Black L Dopa Songs About Fucking
Husker Du Turn On The News Zen Arcade
Wipers Return Of The Rat Is This Real?
Wire 106 beats That Pink Flag
Ruin Dionysian He-Ho
Future Of The Left Lapsed Catholics Travels With Myself And Another
Strange News From Another Star Letter From The Queen Full Frontal
The Arrivals Fat Of The Land Marvels Of Industry
Toys That Kill 31 Year Old Daydream My Life In A Jugular Vein
Crimpshrine Another Day The Sound Of A New World Being Born
Operation Ivy Hedgecore 69 Newport
Isocracy Rodeo Bedtime For Isocracy
The Lookouts The Green Hills Of England Spy Rock Road
Surrogate Brains If The Things They Say Are True Surrogate Serenades
The Mr. T Experience Zero Making Things With Light
Screeching Weasel Punkhouse Kill The Musicians
The Max Levine Ensemble Aren't All Songs Political? Aren't All Songs Vaguely Self-Refferential? OK Smartypants
Dillinger Four A Jingle For The Product C I V I L W A R
Off With Their Heads Heroin In NYC Hospitals
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence Rumble Seats & Running Boards Cleveland bound Death Senence
Leatherface God Is Dead The Stormy Petrel
Jawbreaker Chesterfield King Bivouac
Monikers Settlement Wake Up

Late Night in the Daylight

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Embrace the wrongness. Sometimes the best way to deal with this world is just to give it the finger, smile, laugh and enjoy the rest of your day. That's where Sean and PostMidnight come in. Bringing you the best in underground music, comedy and poetry, Late Night Series is all about taking conventional radio, bending it over, and going to town. Come get your Rockstar Love...
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