Wayfarer on Fri 4/30/10

NEW INTERPOL!!!! Celebration! Playing a lot of music that I like to describe as "dark," whether subtly or right in your face like the cheeziness of White Lies that I enjoy. Mixing in the "darkest" of the new music as well.

Artist Title Album Label New
Interpol Lights Untitled
Editors Lights The Back Room
I Love You, But I've Chosen Darkness Lights Fear Is On Our Side
Moon Duo Escape Escape
Crystal Stilts Shattered Shine Alight of Night
UNKLE Natural Selection (ft. The Black Angels) Where Did The Night Fall
Interpol Untitled Turn On The Bright Lights
The National Bloodbuzz Ohio Bloodbuzz Ohio [Single] High Violet out 5/11
Devastations Black Ice Yes, U
White Lies Death White Lies
stellastarr* The Diver Harmonies For The Haunted
She Wants Revenge Save Your Soul Save Your Soul - EP
Phantogram Mouthful Of Diamonds Eyelid Movies
High Places Canada High Places Vs. Mankind
White Hinterland Icarus Kairos
FUR Lackadaisical Witches
The Sight Below New Dawn Fades It All Falls Apart
These New Puritans Attack Music Hidden
Memoryhouse Gian Lorenzo Bernini Esopus #14: Artists
Small Black Weird Machines EP
Pallers The Kiss The Kiss
Foals Miami Total Life Forever
Kids Of 88 Ribbons Of Light Ribbons Of Light - Single
Memory Tapes Bicycle (Little Loud Remix) Remixes


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