20 Minutes into the Future on Tue 5/18/10

'label' column contains time played

Artist Title Album Label New
Prins Thomas, Lindstrom Mighty Girl 1304
Solvent My Radio (Schneider's TM Mustang remix) 1312
Ulrich Schnauss A Letter From Home 1320
Metric Calculation Theme 1324
Lindstrom & Christabelle Let It Happen Real Life Is No Cool 1327
Von Asma Scream Out Down The Hill 1332
Crystal Castles Year Of Silence [self-titled] 1340
Parallels Ultralight Visionaries 1344
Autokratz What You Want, What You Got? Animal 1349
Trentemoller Sycamore Feeling (Gui Boratto remix) Sycamore Feeling 1353
The Submarines Peace & Hate (Morgan Page remix) 1400
John Dahlback Autumn 1406
Fever Ray Triangle Walks (Spektre vocal mix) 1412
Soulwax Another Excuse (DFA remix) 1419
Kilowatts Luna Rd. (Molecule's RTFM remix) 1426
Sono Better 1431
Junkie XL Stratosphere 1437
Trash 80 Missing You 1441
Winter Gloves Let Me Drive (Plastic Operator remix) 1444
Vitalic One Above One 1448
Apparat Arcadia (Telefon Tel Aviv remix) 1451
Chiddy Bang Opposite Of Adults (Rhythmic mix edited) 1458

20 Minutes into the Future

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In the future, there will be machines which will produce a religious experience in the user. 20 Minutes Into The Future can only be heard on WKDU Philadelphia. For more information, visit wkdu.org .

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