The Toybox covered by ebonie on Fri 6/4/10

covered by ebonie

Artist Title Album New
Holy Fuck Latin America Latin
Native Legoland Wrestling Moves
Biffy Clyro There's No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake Infinity Land
Kylesa Insomnia for Months Static Tensions
Jawbox Motorist For Your Own Special Sweetheart
Triclops! Brown Summer Helpers on the Other Side
Past Lives Past Lives Tapestry of Webs
mewithoutYou Disaster Tourism Catch for Us the Foxes
Isis & Aereogramme Delial In the Fishtank 14
East of the Wall Winter Breathe Farmer's Almanac
And So I Watch You From Afar Clench Fists, Grit Teeth... Go! And So I Watched You From Afar
Red Sparowes A Hail of Bombs The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer
The God Machine Alone One Last Laugh In a Place of Dying
Fugazi Place Position End Hits
Sharks Keep Moving Sailor Sharks Keep Moving

The Toybox

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Friday 5-6pm
What is The Toybox? It's like if you went to a party hosted by HR Puf'n'stuf, and there were all these costumed characters, and the California raisins were the house band, and it was really awesome, although you wondered why Oscar the Grouch was completely sober. But you didn't have time to think about it because Clint Eastwood came in and shot the place to hell.
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