Bearcave Radio covered by Larkey on Mon 8/2/10

Covering for Nick,
with live music from DEER FRIENDS

Artist Title Album New
Asian Kung Fu Generation Siren Sol-Fa
Lifetime Theme From A New Brunswick Basement Show Jersey's Best Dancers
Street Smart Cyclist Kiss Kitty On The Lips
The Progress Straight Shot To St. Louis Golden State EP
Boy Problems I Swallowed A Bug Tour Demo
Leaf Routines Ducktapes
Slingshot Dakota The Golden Ghost Their Dreams May be Dead, But Ours Is The Golden Ghost
Bearings Constrained Bearings 7"
The Littlest Viking Lana Turner Blues Labor/Lust
Breaking Pangaea Suspended Cannon To A Whisper
Malegoat Change With Our Time To Face The Music
Algernon Cadwallader Sailor Set Sail Demo
Boleyn Irish Architecture Nothings All Right
Little Kingdoms Sugar Buns The Willow EP
Up Up Down Down Gas Station Hair Worst band Name Ever
Deer Friends Live @ WKDU
American Football For Sure American Football
You Blew It! Goodbye AM EP
Explosions In The Sky Your Hand In Mine
Birdie Busch Trap Door Everyone Will Take You In
Rooftops Raft Easily A Forest Of Polarity
Everyone Everywhere Thermal Dynamics A Bunch Of Weird People Standing Around
Hey Mercedes The Frowning Of A Lifetime Every Night Fireworks
The Promise Ring Red And Blue Jeans Nothing Feels Good
Tigers Jaw Jet Alone Belongs to The Dead
Isabel At Sunset Serve And Volley The Serve And Volley Side Of LIfe
Superchunk Digging For Something Single

Bearcave Radio

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One frosty morn Nick was born deep in a den... half man, half bear. Ostracized from the bear community and shunned from the humans, he wandered cold and all alone for years. As luck would have it, he nested down one winter in the bowels of the Creese student center, unaware that his new found den also housed a radio station. Asked by a scruffy looking man wearing flannel if he'd be interested in having a show, Nick gladly accepted, ecstatic that he had found a place that would take him in. After several feverish hours spent learning what music was and how to speak english, Bear Cave Radio was born.