Bearcave Radio on Mon 8/23/10

Artist Title Album New
Sunset Rubdown The Taming of the Hands That Came Back to Life Random Spirit Lover
Sunny Day Real Estate 5/4 LP2
Built To Spill The Plan Keep It Like A Secret
LCD Soundsystem North American Scum Sound of Silver
Dr. Dog Alaska We All Belong
The Long Winters Scared Straight When I Pretend To Fall
Explosions In The Sky Remember Me As A Time of Day How Strange, Innocence
The Appleseed Cast On Reflection Low Level Owl, Vol. 1
Sigur Ros Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingru Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
They Might Be Giants (22 Songs From Apollo 18)
Grizzly Bear Knife Yellow House
Bon Iver For Emma For Emma Forever Ago
The National Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks High Violet
Medeski Martin and Wood First Time Long Time Uninvisible
Animal Collective Banshee Beat Feels
Tame Impala Alter Ego Innerspeaker
Tigers Jaw Never Saw It Coming Tigers Jaw
Buena Vista Social Club El Carretero Buena Vista Social Club
Wolf Parade Ghost Pressure Expo 86
Medeski Martin and Wood Uninvisible Uninvisible
Seu Jorge Tive Razao Cru
The Extraordinaires The Warehouse Song Short Stories

Bearcave Radio

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One frosty morn Nick was born deep in a den... half man, half bear. Ostracized from the bear community and shunned from the humans, he wandered cold and all alone for years. As luck would have it, he nested down one winter in the bowels of the Creese student center, unaware that his new found den also housed a radio station. Asked by a scruffy looking man wearing flannel if he'd be interested in having a show, Nick gladly accepted, ecstatic that he had found a place that would take him in. After several feverish hours spent learning what music was and how to speak english, Bear Cave Radio was born.