The Toybox on Fri 9/3/10

Artist Title Album
The War on Drugs Comin' Through Future Weather
The War on Drugs Comin' Through Future Weather
The Black Keys Tighten Up Brothers
Jesse Hill Down the Street R&B on Lakewood Boulevard
Die Rattles Old MacDonald
King Khan & The Shrines Live Fast Die Strong The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the Shrines
Los Caballeros de Colon Con Los Caballeros Panama!
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition Cotonou Caravan
Goblin Jennifer's Friends
Mike Patton Senza Fine Mondo Cane
The Postmarks Thorn in Your Side
Moondog Lament 1 Bird's Lament
Fool's Gold Nadine
Dengue Fever Hold My Hips

The Toybox

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Friday 5-6pm
What is The Toybox? It's like if you went to a party hosted by HR Puf'n'stuf, and there were all these costumed characters, and the California raisins were the house band, and it was really awesome, although you wondered why Oscar the Grouch was completely sober. But you didn't have time to think about it because Clint Eastwood came in and shot the place to hell.
Experimental pop
World music
Film scores