Bearcave Radio on Thu 11/4/10

Someone Did something for the second hour so whatever

Artist Title Album New
Les Savy Fav Clear Spirits
Jaill Everyone's Hip
Sunset Rubdown The Mending of the Gown
LCD Soundsystem North American Scum
Interpol Barricade
Animal Collective For Reverend Green
Grand Children Cold Warrior
JAvelin Vibrationz
Fang Island Daisy
!!! AM/FM
Sleigh Bells Rill Rill
Agent Orange Living in Darkness Living in Darkness
The Wipers Over the Edge Wipers Box Set
Dead Moon Area 51 Echoes of the Past
The Resist Stance Bad Religion The Dissent of Man
Stay Home Transit Stay Home
Memorial Field Title Fight The Last Thing You Forget
Youreyeah Title Fight The Last Thing You Forget
First Day Gone Bearings s/t
Images Bearings s/t
Time Spent Driving My Heart To Joy Seasons In Verse
Empty Homes My Heart To Joy Seasons in Verse
Reset Set Your Goals Reset
How Bout No Scott? Set Your Goals Reset
Straight Edge Minor Threat Complete Discography
Attitude Bad Brains s/t
Hard Times Cro-Mags Before The Quarrel
Everready H2O Thicker Than Water
Basements Junior Battles s/t
Cut The Tension Lifetime Jersey's Best Dancers
Glendale PD Hates Daggermouth Daggermouth Turf Wars
Goonies Never Say Die Set Your Goals Reset

Bearcave Radio

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One frosty morn Nick was born deep in a den... half man, half bear. Ostracized from the bear community and shunned from the humans, he wandered cold and all alone for years. As luck would have it, he nested down one winter in the bowels of the Creese student center, unaware that his new found den also housed a radio station. Asked by a scruffy looking man wearing flannel if he'd be interested in having a show, Nick gladly accepted, ecstatic that he had found a place that would take him in. After several feverish hours spent learning what music was and how to speak english, Bear Cave Radio was born.