Wayfarer covered by meghan on Fri 12/10/10


Artist Title Album New
Cyklon B Kris Cyklon B
The Dickies Infidel Zombie Nights In White Satin
The Faders Cheatin' Cheatin'/Library Book
The Maids Back to Bataan Back to Bataan
A Moms Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry Cheesecake
Hubble Bubble Freaks... Out! Hubble Bubble
Snakes Karren Ann Are We Too Late for the Trend?
The Sods No Pictures No Pictures/Plaything
Tampax UFO Dictator Tampax Hitler SS
Xterminators Microwave Radiation Xterminators
FDS Paranoia Paranoia EP
K.G.B. Dying in the USA Can You Hear Me?
The Panics I Wanna Kill My Mom The Panics
Perverts Dojjan Nevergreens
Vains The Fake Vains EP
Descendents I Like Food Fat EP
Inserts Doctor's Wives Inserts EP
Swingin' Utters Brand New Lungs Brand New Lungs
Bucket Flush Peeping Tom Bucket Flush
RPA Shoot the Pope RPA
The Romford Stompers Dead Girls The Romford Stompers
The Eat Ballbusters on Parade Scattered Wahoo Action
Groinoids Empty Skull Unsafe at Any Speed
Necros Reject IQ32
Jerry's Kids Machine Gun Unsafe at Any Speed
Sluggo Figure It Out Sluggo
Radical Left LA LA Meathouse Comp
Mob Hit & Run Meathouse Comp
Lärm The Complexity Extreme Noise
Impact Unit Complain Boston Hardcore
Informed Sources Dense Pack Get Off My Back
D.R.I. Reaganomics Dealing with It
Agent Orange Too Young Too Die Living in Darkness
Circle Jerks Wild in the Streets Circle Jerks
J.F.A. Beach Blanket Bong Out We Know You Suck
The Germs Lexicon Devil M.I.A.
Bad Brains Regulator Black Dots
Adolescents Kids of the Black Hole Adolescents
Surf Punks Big Top My Beach
Geza X Isotope Soap Let Them Eat Jellybeans!
7 Seconds We're Gonna Fight Skins, Brains, Guts
Minor Threat Seeing Red Minor Threat
Victims T.V. Freak All Loud on the Western Front
The Freeze It's Only Alcohol This Is Boston, Not LA
GG Allin Don't Talk to Me Banned in Boston
Gang Green Have Fun This Is Boston, Not LA
The Proletariat Allegiance This Is Boston, Not LA
White Flag Festive Shapes Code Blue
Right of the Accused No Fun Til I'm 21 Code Blue
Out of Order Concerned Code Blue
No Response No Future Blues Code Blue
Die Kruzen Live Wire Code Blue
Naked Raygun Only In America Code Blue


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Like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider and Tom Cruise in the 80s, sunglasses seethe coolness. And you wanna be cool, right!? Then listen to Wayfarer on Mondays from 6 - 8 PM with your host, Anthony Myers, for a dose of the newest, freshest, most mint-condition music that will be sure to make you put on your RayBans. This has been a public service announcement for awesome.