Late Night in the Daylight on Thu 2/3/11

Artist Title Album New
Propellerhead Spybreak! Propellerheads
Skip Robinson One Too Many Girls
Daytrader Kill My Compass Last Days of Rome
Cajmere The Percolator
Propellerheads Velvet Pants
W. C. Lindsay Folklore and Tall Tales Folklore and Tall Tales
Russian Vines Taxidermy
Cage the Elephant Shake Me Down Thank You Happy Birthday
Plastic Operator The Pleasure is Mine Different Places
Nikka Costa Can't Please Everybody Pebble to a Pearl
Akron/Family So It Goes The cosmic birth and journey of Shinju TNT
Russian Vines Pluto

Late Night in the Daylight

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Embrace the wrongness. Sometimes the best way to deal with this world is just to give it the finger, smile, laugh and enjoy the rest of your day. That's where Sean and PostMidnight come in. Bringing you the best in underground music, comedy and poetry, Late Night Series is all about taking conventional radio, bending it over, and going to town. Come get your Rockstar Love...
Rockstar Love
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