Wayfarer covered by yoni191 on Fri 2/18/11

Artist Title Album New
The Exploited Sex and Violence Punks Not Dead
Dead C Mordant Heaven The Operation of the Sonne
Brian Brain Fun People Culture
The Pop Group We Are Time Y
The Ex A Motorbike in Afrika Aural Guerilla
Chumbawamba Liberation Revolution
Gang of Four You'll Never Pay for the Farm Content
Wire Please Take Red Barked Tree
Killing Joke Europe Night Time
Death of Samantha Roses Rejoice Come All Ye Faithless
My Dad is Dead Cut Out The Best Defense
Firewater Another Perfect Catastrophe The Ponzi Scheme
Morphine I'm Free Cure For Pain
Stinking Lizaveta Eastern Sun + Kira III
Murder City Devils Midnight Service at the Mütter Museum Thelema
Dangerbird Stallin' Out Johnny
fIREHOSE Witness Mr. Machinery Operator
Tuff Monks (Birthday Party + Go-Betweens) After the Fireworks After the Fireworks 7"
Hamachshefot/המכשפות with Nick Cave Shivers S/T
Humanwine Death Wish for the Imposter Split with Absinthe Rose
Submission Hold Final Coup of the Last Millenium What Holds Back the Elephant


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Like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider and Tom Cruise in the 80s, sunglasses seethe coolness. And you wanna be cool, right!? Then listen to Wayfarer on Mondays from 6 - 8 PM with your host, Anthony Myers, for a dose of the newest, freshest, most mint-condition music that will be sure to make you put on your RayBans. This has been a public service announcement for awesome.