Late Night in the Daylight on Thu 2/24/11

Artist Title Album New
Vandaveer The Waking Hour Live @ WKDU
Proverbial What Im Good For Proverbial
Ps I love You 2012 Live @ WKDU
Sonni Shine All My Love Live @ Late Night Series
Devotchka Exhaustible 100 Lovers
Nikka Costa Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter
Ryan Tennis Bangkok Time Live @ Late Night Series
TJay Your Easy Eyes Take a Seat
TJay Put you Down Live @ Late Night Series

Late Night in the Daylight

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Embrace the wrongness. Sometimes the best way to deal with this world is just to give it the finger, smile, laugh and enjoy the rest of your day. That's where Sean and PostMidnight come in. Bringing you the best in underground music, comedy and poetry, Late Night Series is all about taking conventional radio, bending it over, and going to town. Come get your Rockstar Love...
Rockstar Love
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