Eclettico on Mon 3/7/11

Artist Title Album New
Darwin Deez The Bomb Song Darwin Deez
The Naked and Famous A Wolf's Geek's Clothing Passive Me Agreesive You
Beta State Right Here With You Stars
Blank Dogs Goes By Land and Fixed
Papercuts Do What You Will Fading Parade
Telepopmusik Into Everything Angel Milk
Designing Me I Have it Upstairs Designing Me
The Menzingers So it Goes Chamberlain Waits
City Music Project Far Away Visual Audio
Wahed Out You'll See It High Times
Bayside Sick Sick Sick Killing Time
The Kiera Plan Tell Rachel I'm Sorry Dedication
Hey Rosetta Seeds Seeds
The Babies Breaking the Law The Babies
Eisley Watch it Die The Valley
Igor Boxx Alarm Breslau
Marco Benevento Wolf Trap Between the Needles and Nightfall
Samuel Jackson Five Eye Eat Lotus Goodbye Melody Mountain
Project Visual Machine Project Trio
The Rural Alberta Advantage The Breakup Departing
The Last Royals Crystal Vases The Lost Royals EP
Typhoon Summer Home A New Kind of House
Daytrader Kill My Compass Last Days of Rome
Mobius Strip Pez Dispenser Head A Knee in the Back
Ratatat Mandy LP4


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