Free Menagerie on Wed 9/21/11

Artist Title Album New
St. Vincent Cheerleader Strange Mercy
Memory Tapes Today is our Life Player Piano
Grouplove Slow Never Trust a Happy Song
Pictureplane Body Mod Thee Physical
Girls Magic Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Washed Out Before Within And Without
Twin Sister Bad Street Bad Street
Fruit Bats So Long Tripper
Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans
NewVillager Cocoon House NewVillager
St. Vincent Surgeon Surgeon
Neon Indian Polish Girl Era Extrana
Heartsrevolution Teenage Teardrop (UpTill Remix)
Fool's Gold Wild Window Leave No Trace
Dum Dum Girls Coming Down Only In Dreams
Givers Up Up Up
Dirty Beaches Sweet 17 Badlands
He's My Brother She's My Sister How'm I Gonna Get Back Home He's My Brother She's My Sister
Grouplove Itchin' On a Photograph Never Trust A Happy Song
Washed Out Echoes Within and Without
Nikki Lane Gone, Gone, Gone Walk of Shame
Fruit Bats You're Too Weird Tripper
Memory Tapes Humming Player Piano
St. Vincent Cruel Strange Mercy
Washed Out Amor Fati Within And Without
Fol Chen I Walked (Sufjan Stevens Cover)
Twin Sister In Heaven Bad Street
Grouplove Colours Never Trust A Happy Song
Twin Sister You Remind Me Of Bat Street

Free Menagerie

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A NEW MUSIC Adventure! Run through cities, climb a mountain, dream of starfish. Listen to some bells and animals.
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