The Philly Local on Mon 12/5/11

Played the Owen Live @ WKDU set at 7PM

Artist Title Album New
Owen The Armoir Live @ WKDU 12/3/11
Owen One Of These Days Live @ WKDU 12/3/11
Owen Windows & Doorways Live @ WKDU 12/3/11
Owen Too Many Moons Live @ WKDU 12/3/11
Jawbreaker Boxcar 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
Jets To Brazil Sweet Avenue Orange Rhyming Dictionary
Dillinger Four Doublewhiskeycokenoice Midwestern Songs of the Americas
Dear Landlord I Live In Hell Dream Homes
Cobra Skulls Cobra Skullifornia Sitting Army
Dead To Me By The Throat Cuban Ballerina
The Menzingers Chamberlain Waits Chamberlain Waits
Banner Pilot Greenwood Collapser
Maritime Apple Of My Irony Human Hearts
The Promise Ring Perfect Lines Nothing Feels Good
Cast Spells Glamorous Glowing Bright Works And Baton
M83 Midnight City Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
Rainer Maria I'll Make You Mine Catastrophe Keeps Us Together

The Philly Local

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