Rat Radio Riot! on Mon 1/9/12

first show of the term. woohooo

Artist Title Album New
Jet Set Sail Plain White S/T
Jet Set Sail Plain Sight S/T
Yuck Milkshake S/T
Mixtapes Morning Sex and AM Radio Maps
Iron Chic Know What I Mean, Jellybean? Not Like This
Glocca Morra New Years Eve Tunes in the Song of Ayyy
Thousandaires Grocery-bag Briefcase Million Dollar Move, Two Dollar Shot
The Holy Mess It All Happened in a Ford Windstar Dismount
Stressface Suck it Trebeck Oh... You're Welcome
The Dead Milkmen Hangman The King in Yellow
Boat I Really Really Think You Should Rethink Your Life Let's Drag Our Feet
Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass Wet Asphalt Cash, Money, Etc.
Spoonboy Stab Yer Dad The Papas
Candy Hearts Flashers Flashing Ripped Up Jeans & Silly Dreams
Descendents Sick-o-Me Everything Sucks
The Bananas Butt-in-Ski The First 10 Years
Algernon Cadwallader If it Kills Me Parrot Flies
American War The River Rhetoric
Everyone Everywhere Thermal Dynamics A Lot of Weird People Standing Around
Andrew Jackson Jihad We're All Gonna Die AJJ & O Pioneers!!! Split

Rat Radio Riot!

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