The Mike Bell Show on Wed 2/22/12

2 Piece Extravaganza! All 2-Piece Music, Wild Hysteria in the Streets of Greece!

We are joined by Holy Death, Omar, and Slutever for in-studios!

Refrigerators and record players breakdown so we smash them.

Artist Title Album Label New
Mike Bell Show Band Mike Bell theme #7
They Might Be Giants Don't Let Start They Might Be Giants Bar/None
Hella The D.Elkan Hella Frenetic
1994! King King Stompin Man Thick Your Head
BS 2000 Buddy BS 2000 7" Grand Royal
Reading Rainbow Wasting Time Prism Eyes Hozac
Lower Case Sure Fire Solvent 2 Songs Punk in My Vitamins
Fergus & Geronimo Tell It In MY EAr Tell It In My Ear 7" Transparent
Cars Can Be Blue Retarded Retard All the Stuff We Do Self Released
John & Tom Lay Down My Old Guitar Third Man 7" Third Man
The Extraordinaires The Arsonists Short Stories Punk Rock Payroll
Jeff the Brotherhood Whatever I Want Third Man 7" Third Man
Bleached Searching Through the Past 7" Art Fag
Ren & Stimpy Kilted Yacksman Anthem Little Ediot Nickelodeon
Holy Death Live Set Live on WKDU Mike Bell Show Tunes
Bezout's Identity The Impossibility of Silence Peter & Craig Split 7" Be Happy
No Age Teen Creeps Nouns Sub Pop
The Joint Chiefs Math Ya'll Know Iv'e Got A Newborn Here, Right? Obsolete Vernacular Biff Swenson
Lightning Bolt 13 Monsters Ride the Skies Load
Mannequin Pussy Clue Juice Clue Juice Internet
Sparks Cool Places In Outer Space Atlantic Records
Heavy Medical No Brainer Threats EP
Omar Live Set Live on WKDU Mike Bell Show Tunes
Erode and Disappear Taking It Diagonal Scythian Lamb
High Pop Drip From The Sea Hippie Speed Ball Sex Cave Records
Shellshag Gary's Note Destroy Me, I'm Yours Starcleaner
Japandroids No Allegiance To The Queen Lullaby Death Jams EP
Book Slave Another Way to Say Exactly the Same thing Sentinel Of Shit EP SSP
Bad Banana Pretty Like A Girl Crushfield
Slutever Live Set Live on WKDU Mike Bell Show Tunes
Mind Flayer Track 2 Mind flayer Corlion
Black Dice Sea Bird Beaches and Canyons
Anton Bordman A Bronx Tale Anton Bordman Manogana Records
Japanther Yellow Lighter
Silver Apples You and I Contact
Slingshot Dakota Live Song Fuck of All Nerds Top Shelf
Radio Control Boum Boum boum Hot Audio Polk Records
Yip Yap Munch Much Mush? In the reptile House SAF Records
The Weaks John Denver on Guitar
Thick Shakes Neighbor's Goods Why Buy the Cow 7"
George and Johnathon Toy Store Best Songs
The Books Lemon of Pink Lemon of Pink
Noyes Puppet of Masters Noyes EP
Peter and Craig Im a Sea Gull (Live at 2 piece fest)
Omar Candice Sells out and trys to move to Brooklyn Im not mad Im just mad your mad

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Important discussion points of the week: this past years tragic loss of rock icon kurt cobain and how it's all gavin rosedales fault, On-Air pregnancy tests, giveaways of stuff that doesnt belong to us The Mike Bell Show to start your Wednesdays off right midnight to 3 am
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