Whatever I Feel Like on Mon 2/27/12

Artist Title Album New
Joe Truglio Unchanged Past Life
Julien Dyne Glisten Up Glimpse
Common The 6th Sense Like Water For Chocolate
Freddie Joachim Morena Morena
Erykah Badu Green Eyes Mama's Gun
Robert Glasper Experiment Move Love Black Radio
Dr. Dog How Long Must I Wait Be The Void
James Blake The Wilhelm Scream James Blake
Bibio The Ephemeral Bluebell Vignetting The Compost
Xiao He Bird and Water Asian Flashback
Jon Coyle 19 Step EP
Samantha Rise With Me Where I Am With Me Where I Am
Becca Stevens Band Traveler's Blessing Weightless

Whatever I Feel Like

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Its whatever I feel like. Because sometimes I feel like jazz, or rock, or soul, or R&B, or other things that aren't even worth classifying into genres. And because this is free format radio and I have the opportunity to not follow a format.