The Naked Gun on Thu 6/21/12

Artist Title Album
Mad Tea Party Hide and Seek
Sir Coxsone Sound Piccadilly Circus Dub
Peter Hammill The Institute of Mental Health, Burning
Cigarettes They're Back Again, Here They Come
Real Kids All Kindsa Girls
The Fall Mike's Love Hexagon
Mission of Burma That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate
Scientists There's A Monster In Me
Funhouse Teenage Bedrooms
The Dot Vaeth Group White Collar Worker
Pedestrians Walk It
Cool Sticky Casa Boo Boo
Saccharine Trust I Am Right
X-Ray Spex I Live Off You
Abwärts Verzählt
Gary Glitter You Belong To Me
Syd Barrett Gigolo Aunt
Monks Oh, How To Do Now
Mount Shasta Gimp
The Fall Mountain Energei
Pack Robot
The Birthday Party Loose (Peel sesh)
Lloyd Charmers Dollars and Bonds
Circle Jerks Wild in the Streets
Sham 69 Borstal Breakout
Zior Angel of the Highway
Revolutionaries Dunkirk
Thee Mighty Caesars You Make Me Die
Chrome TV As Eyes
Filth Don't Hide Your Hate
Fire Engines Meat Whiplash
The Freeze Paranoia
Menace The Young Ones

The Naked Gun

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