The Philly Local on Tue 7/3/12

Artist Title Album
Lockets Camera Shy Camera Shy
Kurt Vile Jesus Fever Smoke Ring For My Halo
Cheers Elephant Peoples Like Wind Blows Fire
The Parasails Skylife 3 Skylife
Dangerous Ponies When You're In Town Dr. Ponie Medicine Ponie
Factors of Four I'm Not Creative Grow On Me
Catnaps Valentime's Day Boys Drool
Slutever Sun Hot Sorry I'm Not Sorry
Cousin Brian Displaced EP
Roof Doctor Thanks For The Blankets June
Little Pirouettes The Winter Ends.
Hop Along Laments Get Disowned
Ah Horse Hockey Go Cut Your Lawn, Then We'll Talk About Friendship Core The Friendship EP
Crucial Dudes Mt. Chill, You're Climbin' 61 Penn
Ted Nguyent The Cornerstone of the American Judicial System Pizza & Regret
Ma Jolie 88 MPH ...Compared To Giants
The Holy Mess Captain, We're Drinking! Dismount
Plow United That Girl Plow United
1994! Acknowledge The Rage Fckyrhed

The Philly Local

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Local bands doing their thing: PA and NJ ONLY! Tune in for pop, punk, indie rock, and noodly stuff by kids that probably live down your street.
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