The Philly Local on Tue 7/24/12

remember when your friend was in that band? yeah, i'm playing them.

Artist Title Album
Sun Airway Shared Piano Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier
The War on Drugs Arms Like Boulders Wagonwheel Blues
Jawkward 10.0 Best New Music Live at Vlad's Pad
Tawny Peaks More Proof Tawny Peaks
Breaking Pangaea Sick Day Cannon to a Whisper
Cantrev Caffidor My Mind's Art Break The Sound
Ratburn The Same Homesick
Young Bull Modem Young Bull
Snoozer George Harrison Shepherds
The Danger O's Progress Little Machines
Paramedic! Hell Yeah! Paramedic!/Spraynard split
Broski So Was Red Kegger
Smoother Tremolo Baby The Young Crispy Demo

The Philly Local

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Local bands doing their thing: PA and NJ ONLY! Tune in for pop, punk, indie rock, and noodly stuff by kids that probably live down your street.
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