The Philly Local on Tue 8/7/12


Artist Title Album
Jeff Riddle Three Sheets To The Wind 16 Reasons To Kill Jeff Riddle
Mariah Welch Yr (My) Song <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Strand of Oaks Lawns Breed Songs Daytrotter Session 2/28/10
Jacob Folk Starting Gun Masquerade
The Sparklers From A Two Story Train Crying At The Low Bar
Summer Fiction By The Sea By The Sea
Swiss Alps Anchors Summershine
Pet Milk Phantom Lovers Philadelphia Punklife
Johnny Action Figure Walts Solar Bear
Work Drugs Dirty Dreams Dirty Dreams
Kill3r Whale Sike But Not Really Let's Party
an0va Model #: "New Horizons" The Teaching Machine
Napoleon Suarez Dilla's Disciple Boy of Summer
Caterpillar Party! Mutant Squirrel Parade (feat Greg Hesselton) The Year of the Caterpillar!
Boy Things Cannibals Boy Things EP
Crybaby Crash Kart Coming Undone

The Philly Local

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Tuesday 12:30-1:30pm
Monday 6-8pm
Local bands doing their thing: PA and NJ ONLY! Tune in for pop, punk, indie rock, and noodly stuff by kids that probably live down your street.
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