The Philly Local on Tue 8/21/12

Artist Title Album
The Tweeds Weakened Guest Goliath
Dirty Tactics Strangers
Facts! Cheesesteaks Fortress of Solid Tunes
The Domino Theory Dear Mark The Domino Theory
Scuzbot Washed Up Shapes and Trends EP
Towers Smoker's Oasis Towers EP
Bedford The Last Song Smiles Are The Batteries
Kill You In The Face Telemon The Terrible 3 Free Songs
Alison Ranger Distress Electrics Formula Imperative
Good To Go The Boyfriend Song Counting Stars
Lighten Up. Get The Poison Out "Where Fun Goes To Die"
For Science Soledad Way Out Of Control
Fracture Kick Discography
Wormbath Throwing Pennies 18 Song Demo
Boys & Sex Play It Slower Demo
True Rest The Amazing River Sharks That Piff

The Philly Local

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Tuesday 12:30-1:30pm
Monday 6-8pm
Local bands doing their thing: PA and NJ ONLY! Tune in for pop, punk, indie rock, and noodly stuff by kids that probably live down your street.
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