The Philly Local on Tue 8/28/12


Artist Title Album
The Cranberry Isles Camera for a Compass Mare's Tales and Mackeral
Faux Pas So This Is It Neighbors
Lvl Up Walking Home Lvl Up
Trunks and Tales Nothing Feels Good (The Promise Ring) Covered
Vegan & The Carnivores The Smoke Temple
Rasputin's Secret Police Watched Her Spells Drexel Kills
Rosser Reeves Winter Glare The Rain Won't Wait
Secret Fort Birds In The Trees 2
Spook Houses Try Pt. 1/Pt. 2 The Trying LP
Slow Warm Death Sunburn Slow Warm Demos
Mumblr 3/4 Rectangle Pt. 2
Eureka Driver Re-Vertigo I Hardly Knew Her EP
Ian Grace
Secret Plot To Destroy The Universe Tri-Lateral Commission Montauk
Negative Nancy Out of Work DEMO
Cassillis Swallowing Cities My Colors

The Philly Local

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Tuesday 12:30-1:30pm
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Local bands doing their thing: PA and NJ ONLY! Tune in for pop, punk, indie rock, and noodly stuff by kids that probably live down your street.
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