Rhyme Enforcer 235 on Mon 9/30/13

Artist Title Album
Dee Dee King German Kid Standing in the Spotlight
Die Fantastichen Vier Zu Geil Fur Diese Welt
Disco Dreams Mean Machine
De Falla Popozouda Rocknroll Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats
Os Tchutchuros Chapa Quente
Yereyira Papito Ft. Iba One Music From Saharan Cellphones
Faza Nelly Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki?
Лика MC Я ди-джей
Чёрное и белое Совок
MC Solaar Solaar Power Prose Combat
Faf Larage Hip Hop Protagonist
The Burbz Flight (Prod. Hi-Tek) L. I. T.
The White Mandingos The Ghetto's Tryna Kill Me
JOTA ESE ralluped all day
Buddy Peace Well Enough Alone
Clams Casino Crystals
DJ Keltech Keltech Strikes Back
DJ VADIM How To Exercise the Turntable Record Player
Ghostfunk Psychedelic Woman Ghostfunk
FORCE MD'S/Furious Four Live Harlem 1982 (Excerpt)
Cold Crush Brothers Punk Rock Rap
Kurtis Blow Back by Popular Demand
Quasimodo Youngblood
Michal Menert Heart Chase Summer Even If It Isn't Right
Captain Murphy The Chase (Instrumental)

Rhyme Enforcer 235

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Wake on up with Rhyme Enforcer 235. We're dropping the needle on all music influenced by and influencing hip hop as we know it. If you're looking for ringtone rap, twing-twang music, or green music (ugh), look elsewhere. For requests, sonic submissions, and other inquiries, email rhymeenforcer235@gmail.com.