Hakuna Matata on Thu 2/6/14

Artist Title Album New
Watsky Rich Girl Nothing Like the First Time
ManaFest No Plan B The Chase
BrokenCyde Jealousy Im Not a Fan
Dead Celebrity Status Back to 88 blood music
Flashlight lets talk Dont take me seriously
Slothrust juice of course you do
Cheetahs Get tight cheetahs
the noise fm crooked smile attraction
the new mendicants a very sorry christmas into the lime
Jd Wilkes & The Dirt Apples and Oranges wild moon
the wild child victim to charm the runaround
mt royal mt royal blackthorn
marissas nalder firecrackers july
grizzly bear listen and wait sheilds expanded
little suns sunboat normal human feelings
sweet sourbrette live wire burning city
AC newman miricle drug slow wonder
baths miasma sky Obsidian
Bjork Homogenic Joga
Cats Cats cats seaweed brother motherwhale
blair crimmins and the housekeepers old man cabbage Musical stylings
dismemberment plan emergency and i emergency and i
ZZZZ Assassination Polka palm reader

Hakuna Matata

This program is not on the schedule.
Thursday 12-2am
Thursday 11pm-1am
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