The Institute of Open Space on Fri 8/14/15

Artist Title Album
The Devin Townsend Project Drench Ghost (Bonus)
E.A.R. Mesmerise Reprise Pocket Symphony 5"
Isis Maritime Oceanic
E.A.R. D.M.T. Flashback (Symphony) Pocket Symphony 5"
Helios Cross The Ocean Unleft
Cloudkicker Explore, Be Curious Let Yourself Be Huge
Liquid Tension Experiment Osmosis Liquid Tension Experiment
Cantoma Essarai Cantoma
Nouvelle Vague Making Plans For Nigel
Ozric Tenacles Sliding and Gliding Sliding Gliding Worlds
Androcell Gnome Dosed Effloescence
Secret Chiefs 3 Safina Book M

The Institute of Open Space

This program is not on the schedule.
Friday 11am-12pm
For the sake of experiment, I will provide a weekly voyage through the organization of time with respect to sound and space