Live at WKDU on Thu 10/1/15

Artist Title Album Label
Captain Crash Mars 5/30/2000
Eulogy Boxes 3/3/01
Red Paint People Stric Neck SCRAPPLE
Pile Yellow Room [Untitled 2] 8/1/14
Needle Points City Walls 4/28/14
Pattern is Movement 2 Voices for 2 Selections
Kurt Vile Freeway in Mind 2/27/08 Whoa, right?
Banned Books "Philadelphia WKDU 91.7" 4/23/14
Taiwan Housing Project Maintenance of an Application 9/7/14
Cloud Becomes Your Hand Bees Going Postal 7/6/14
Nick Millevoi/Brandon Lopez Partially Damaged City Hall 10/2014
I IM EYE MY Buying 40 Cattle with Weak Knees 1/11/15

Live at WKDU

This program is not on the schedule.
Thursday 9-10am
Sunday 6-8pm
Live sets and interviews from remarkable bands that came to WKDU. We'll be digging into the archives for this one. It's a concert for your commute.