Live at WKDU on Thu 10/22/15

Artist Title Album Label
Chris Forsyth + the Solar Motel Band Paranoid Cat 3/10/13
Laura Gibson ??? 4/18/09
Brooke Wagoner Hush if You Must 6/23/08
Mumblr Sober 11/25/14
People Skills Inspection 6 6/8/14
Alyosha With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends 3/30/04
BIG UPS Wool 1/17/15
Igneous Eyes A Mild Yesterday 2/22/15
The Sun Parade Frank Sinatra 1/16/15
Adam Acuragi 1981 7/3/06
Adam Acuragi Broken Throat ""
Dynamo Pride 4/16/15

Live at WKDU

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Thursday 9-10am
Sunday 6-8pm
Live sets and interviews from remarkable bands that came to WKDU. We'll be digging into the archives for this one. It's a concert for your commute.