Secret Show on Mon 1/4/16

FuCk iT's So CoLd

Some of this is out of order because I had to do it from memory

Artist Title Album Local
GUNK forms of torture gunk
Beverly Tenders Benji's Song Lord Mayor Makes 1​,​000 Speeches
Nyxy Nyx gothic dreaming(rsp cover) honeyphlegm
Shelf Life The Curse Everyone make happy
Clique Get By Clique
Woozy old growth blistered
No Friends coyotes in dansville, ny im not real
What Moon Things Quit Space Jams
Bauhaus Dark Entries In The Flat Fields
Christian Death Figurative Theatre Only Theatre of Pain
Ariel Pink alisa Haunted Graffitti
Ronald Paris sad little man old table tribute comp
Sitcom WIndow View What's Up
Trace Mountains Halo(bey) Buttery Sprouts
The Microphones I want wind to blow The Glow pt 2
Chris Lopez Fear Blood Summer
Prince of Yeti Mantra Dub Sum Dub Sum
MF Doom Beef Rap Mmm food

Secret Show

This program is not on the schedule.
Monday 12-1pm
Monday 10-11pm
Monday 10-11pm
Monday 10pm-12am
Monday 4-6pm
Monday 4-6pm
Monday 8-10pm
People be like OOO what's that?
indie noise
rock music
power grind violence