Secret Show on Mon 2/15/16

Artist Title Album New Local
Marge Shave yr head Garge Munk
Gunk A Brief History of Lies Garge Munk
Marge SPF Garge Munk
Brandon Can't Dance Obligatory Star Surfing Son LXVE II
Prince of Yeti Mantra Six Soft Yeti's Six Soft Yeti's
Murk Daddy Flex Hare Krshna, Universal Peace Genesis
Pill Friends Abortion Ceremony Child Sacrifice
EIAFUAWN No More Like that Birds in the Ground
Ariel Pink Alisa Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffit
Snoozer Harriet The Spy life sucks
cool dad ur evil cool dad
Cold Foamers Sixteen All Cold Everything
Arthur Shea Sick Arthur's First
Porches. Shaver Pool
Alex G Sorry DSU
Sheer Mag Button Up II
The Guest Sick of it All Red Scare
Bad History Month Sad History Month Sad History Month
Ugh God One Left To Jump Deep, Dark, Mysterious and Serious EP
Rasputin's Secret Police Watch Her Spells Drexel Kill
Weed Stay In Summer Running Back
Spirit of the Beehive Fever Dream Spirit of the Beehive
Homeshake Home at Last In the Shower
Beverly Tender Pretzel Drunk Lord Mayor Makes 1ā€‹,ā€‹000 Speeches
Japanese Breakfast The Woman That Loves You American Sound
nyxy nyx Signal Boosting honeyphlegm eā€‹.ā€‹p.
Cassilis ESPN HD My Colors
Helvetia Walking the Cow Gladness

Secret Show

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