The Bends on Fri 2/19/16

Artist Title Album
Art Ensemble Of Chicago Nonaah Fanfare For The Warriors
Martin Phipps Ida Brighton Rock
Martin Phipps Lovely Pint Brighton Rock
Dawn Of Midi Io Dysnomia
Pogo Cryface Wonderpuff
Coda The Clock Master FZ: Side F
Martin O'Donnell Farthest Outpost Halo 3 OST
Russel Shaw Arena Fable OST
Two Fingers Sweden Stunt Rhythms
Animals As Leaders Behaving Badly Animals As Leaders
Squarepusher E8 Boogie Hard Normal Diddy
Jaga Jazzist One-Armed Bandit One-Armed Bandit

The Bends

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Monday 7-8pm
Monday 7-8pm
Friday 2-3pm
Do you have bad taste? So do we! Tune in for as long as you can muster as Jon and Jody make you cry with foul music written by cats. Now in its third iteration, we have somehow struck the perfect balance of integrity and passion, ignoring both with equal fervor to deliver the blandest, most unimaginative drivel this side of Philadelphia. You're welcome?
The Brown Note
Lawn Mowers