Secret Show on Mon 2/29/16

Artist Title Album New Local
Mom S.N. Morning 2
Brandon Can't Dance The world is broken LXVE II
JOTA ESE rip chan man Rip Walter Gaybe
Nofriends the cops are vampires I think we're alone now
Your children is beautiful Best Friends split
Hermit Thrushes ivory nothing A potsherd gold meadow
Duster Heading for the door Stratosphere
Cold Foamers Kirby Musketball
gunk seeing is gunk
gunk terrified gradual shove
Stable boys Schwartz illustrated 666 2 songs
Spirit of the Beehive Fever Dream S/t
blue smiley control ok
Flashlight o wooden flooring truman sho
sitcom wind blows gig bag
lvl up closing door 3 songs
Idiot Forever Topaz Druid Okanaga

Secret Show

This program is not on the schedule.
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People be like OOO what's that?
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power grind violence