60 Minutes More or Less on Thu 3/31/16

Artist Title Album New Local
Shlohmo Druid Caravan of Smoke Star Wars Headspace
Fatima Al Qadiri Curfew Brute
Skyphone Kinamands Chance Money Will Ruin Everything
Oneohtrix Point Never Nil Admirari Returnal
Jim Strong Council Variations + Fall on a Saint In the Merops Sally
Helm I Exist In a Fog Olympic Mess
ist For Derek 5 New York
Vashti Bunyan & Animal Collective It's You Prospect Hummmer
Arca Soichiro Mutant
Francis Macdonald Antoine Duhamel Music for String Quartet, Piano & Celeste
Spunk Kamelmusikk Money Will Ruin Everything
Hauschka El Hotel Del Saito A NDO C Y

60 Minutes More or Less

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