60 Minutes More or Less on Thu 4/28/16

Artist Title Album New
Balam Acab Underwater Forever Child Death
Ash Koosha Biutiful | AKA |
Junlianna Barwick Same Will
The Body Shelter is Illusory No One Deserves Happiness
Paul Koonce Hothouse Walkabout and Back, Electroacoustic Works
Ancient Psychic animal farm Dream, Punk!
Lord Fyre Time is Now Destruction at 2013
Miles Davis Sanctuary- Live (1969 Version) Miles Davis at Newport
Dave Cappello, Jeff Albert,William Parker Hipicat New Normal
Lee Gamble DTI Diversions 1994-1995
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Ariel Kalma Mille Voix We Know Each Other Somehow
J. G. Biberkopf Weakness Ecologies
Masami Akita wattle (part 2) wattle
Shlohmo Parties Bad Vibes

60 Minutes More or Less

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