The Bends on Mon 6/20/16

Artist Title Album
Graveyard Endless Night Lights Out
Red Sparrows In Illusions Of Order The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer
Katatonia Departer Night Is The New Day
Alex Smoke Left Drift Soma Coma
Lymbyc System Notations Field Studies
s/s/s Beyond Any Doubt Beak & Claw
Primus Hail Santa Pork Soda
Cougar $64k Rainbow Ninja Tune XX
Infected Mushroom Smashing The Opponent Legend Of The Black Shwarma
Do Make Say Think Do Other Truths
Scale The Summit Willow The Migration
Bluetech A Garland Of Stars Sirens And Singularities

The Bends

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Monday 7-8pm
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Do you have bad taste? So do we! Tune in for as long as you can muster as Jon and Jody make you cry with foul music written by cats. Now in its third iteration, we have somehow struck the perfect balance of integrity and passion, ignoring both with equal fervor to deliver the blandest, most unimaginative drivel this side of Philadelphia. You're welcome?
The Brown Note
Lawn Mowers