The Bends on Mon 6/27/16

Seems like this is a new music show

Artist Title Album New
M. Ward Pirate Dial More Rain
Lumenlab Force They Are Killing Us
Caddwhompus Thirst Feathering A Nest
Telekinesis Sylvia Ad Infinitum
Acapulco Lips Wake Me s/t
Sumac (track one) What One Becomes
Haelos Intro / Spectrum Full Circle
Robert Rich Transpiration What We Left Behind
Deftones Acid Hologram Gore
Koenraad Ecker A Pillar Of Salt Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus
Kutiman Jaffa Beach 6am

The Bends

This program is not on the schedule.
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Monday 7-8pm
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Do you have bad taste? So do we! Tune in for as long as you can muster as Jon and Jody make you cry with foul music written by cats. Now in its third iteration, we have somehow struck the perfect balance of integrity and passion, ignoring both with equal fervor to deliver the blandest, most unimaginative drivel this side of Philadelphia. You're welcome?
The Brown Note
Lawn Mowers