Secret Show on Mon 7/11/16

co dj set with bad gal kiki

Artist Title Album New Local
ESG ufo
blue smiley old return
blue smiley spin return
brian jonestown massacre bout des doigts
deer hoof life is suffering the magic
blood orange squash squash freetown sound
bill space lady
Nahawa Doumbia Dan Te Dinye La 10 years of Awesome Tapes from Africa
Fela Kuiti Water no get enemy
Cate le Bon Wonderful Crab Day

Secret Show

This program is not on the schedule.
Monday 12-1pm
Monday 10-11pm
Monday 10-11pm
Monday 10pm-12am
Monday 4-6pm
Monday 4-6pm
Monday 8-10pm
People be like OOO what's that?
indie noise
rock music
power grind violence