Secret Show on Mon 7/18/16

Artist Title Album New Local
Bedhead disorder
Modest Mouse talking shit on a pretty sunset this is a long drive with nothing to think about
no friends coyotes in dansville, ny im not real
Pavement blackout wowie zowie
blue smiley bird return
Sun Organ king of nails (sparklehorse) split with city and i
Eiafuawn all my friends are cosmonauts
Congenital Death Alyosha The Pot Fucklove: prophet of death
Prince of Yeti Mantra WKDU Instudio

Secret Show

This program is not on the schedule.
Monday 12-1pm
Monday 10-11pm
Monday 10-11pm
Monday 10pm-12am
Monday 4-6pm
Monday 4-6pm
Monday 8-10pm
People be like OOO what's that?
indie noise
rock music
power grind violence